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Houston Abortion Clinic Expectations

Since 1971,  thousands of women have relied on Aaron Women's Clinic commitment and dedication to the highest standards of abortion and medical care. Aarons Women's Clinic patient-friendly approach is evident from the start. When a patient calls for an abortion appointment, a multi-lingual phone counselor addresses each question and concern. At Aaron Clinic, Houston Texas Women's Clinic,  we realize that for many women a visit to an abortion facility can be a stressful experience. That is why we have created a patient-centered environment designed to reduce anxiety and make our patients comfortable as they go though their abortion procedure. Aaron Women's Clinic's Board Certified team of doctors and medical professionals, assisted by highly qualified and sensitive support staff, truly believe that the patient comes first.

Every member of our team understands the importance of remaining sensitive and responsive to the concerns of our patients. At Aaron Women's Clinic individual abortion counseling is available to all patients and offered by trained and sensitive professionals who have been chosen because of their effectiveness in dealing with the abortion needs of women of all ages with special attention given to teenagers. Post-operative abortion counseling and abortion follow-up care are also provided on-site. Aaron Women's Clinic also has a 24-hour emergency hotline which gives patients immediate access to our medical team. Patients requiring in-patient abortion services are treated by our team of Physicians at Houston's finest hospitals.  We are committed to a program of constant reevaluation, redesign, and rebuilding in order to offer our patients the most advanced medical technologies and procedures.

The entire staff at Aaron Women's  Clinic are highly skilled professionals working as a team, focused on the patient's well-being. The team's leader is our full-time board certified Medical Director. He is supported in this role by our full-time board certified Director of Anesthesia, helped by our supporting staff of board certified gynecologists, anesthesiologists, physicians assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, nursing assistants, and counselors.

Aaron Women's Clinic surgeons are highly qualified physicians who have meet demanding credentialing process. Our nursing staff is of the highest caliber, as well, and comprised of knowledgeable and experienced reproductive and abortion care clinicians who reflect the diversity of the patient population we serve.

For more information, contact Aaron Clinic, a Houston Texas Womens Clinic today!  We are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week  and a member of our staff will be happy assist you.