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What We Do - Houston Abortion Clinic

When an office has been working to protect women's wellbeing, safe abortion care, and provide vital reproductive health care for as long as we have, its staff knows how important it is for you to receive sensitive and expert abortion care.  In addition to comprehensive gynecological services, we have been providing high-quality abortion care since 1971.  Our experience has taught us how difficult it can be to have an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy, and we are here to help you achieve your reproductive goals, abortion needs, and to safeguard your health.

Aaron Women's Clinic is a licensed private medical office and surgical space located in Houston specializing in late term abortion. Our multi-lingual team of professionals is nonjudgmental and sensitive to your concerns when seeking abortion care. We are committed to ensuring patient confidentiality while maintaining your health and safety.   Your privacy, comfort and respect are our top priority.

We offer surgical abortion services from 5 to 20 weeks  Aaron Women's Clinic is known by providers across the country as being a leader in women's abortion needs and healthcare specialzing in late term abortions in Houston, Texas.   We receive abortion referrals from some of the best medical institutions due to our ability to care for complicated and sensitive abortion cases.  

To ensure your safety, Aarons Women's Clinic requires all surgeons, anesthesia staff and registered nurses to be certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support. All support staff maintains certification in Basic Life Support and follows strict infection control practices.

Aaron Women's Clinic has many patients who travel from outside Houston to receive abortion care at our facility. We have coordinated with local hotels to accommodate you at a reduced cost if it is necessary for you to stay in Houston overnight. This is only required if you need a two-day abortion procedure.

We are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week  and a member of our staff will be happy assist you.