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For fee's or if have any questions, please call our office to speak with a one of our professional staff memebers.  

Fee Schedule

Fees are quoted according to the duration of the pregnancy and medical considerations.  Our fee schedule is based on the length of pregnancy (gestational or menstrual age). All fees are payable at the time of surgery.  Please inquire about acceptable methods of payments.  Our facilities do not accept personal checks.  If using credit card, the car holder must be present.  

24 Hours Before Your Abortion

Texas law requires you to have an ultrasound with us 23 hours before your procedure can be performed. 

Toll Free Telephone Number 1-888-973-0022

You have the right to access certain information concerning this abortion facility by using the toll-free number listed above.   If you make a call to the number, your identity will remain anonymous.  The toll-free telephone line can provide you with the following information; 


* whether this abortion facility is licensed by the Texas Department of Health. 

* the date of the last inspection of this facility by the Texas Department of Health and any violations of law or rules discovered during that inspection may pose a health risk to you;

*any relevant fine, penalty, or judgement rendered against this facility or a doctor who provides services at this facility.

For More information about the "Woman's Right to Know Act" can be found at

For more information or have any questions, please call us today!